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How it works

A Merchant Cash Advance is a smart way for a business to get additional working capital using their Visa and MasterCard sales. More and more business owners looking for funds are using Merchant Funding Services to facilitate their working capital.

A Merchant Cash Advance is the purchase of future credit card receivables, Visa and MasterCard only. It is commonly referred to as Credit Card Receivable Factoring. We advance a stated amount to you by purchasing a portion of your future credit card receivables at a discount.

Using our automated process we reserve a specified percentage of your credit card sales, Visa and MasterCard only, and set this amount aside for the repayment of the advance. This repayment device allows your organization to make repayments tied directly to your credit card sales and not a fixed amount.

The actual amount funded to you is based on the Merchants average monthly process history, a credit review and some other general inquiries.
Using our industry established parameters our consultants determine the best combination of an advance amount and factor percentage that suits your business and cash flow needs.

Our program is fast, easy and affordable

The Process


Complete a Merchant pre qualification form.


Our industry consultants will review you application and make a proposal within 24 hours.


Once approved, funding takes place in
48 - 72 hours.


A percentage of your Visa and MasterCard sales are reserved each day for repayment. When you get paid, we get paid.


Receive monthly reports showing your daily repayments.